I tell stories for fun,

and for living

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I tell stories for fun,

and for living


Andre is a digital creative and copywriter from Brazil. He is also a VR, AR, AI enthusiast, and is looking for a new acronym to fall in love with.

After working in São Paulo for 10 years, Andre has dropped football for Aussie Rules. During his time in Brazil, he was lucky to find the right agencies and teammates to win some awards such as Cannes Lions, One Show, New York Festival, FIAP, El Ojo de Iberoamerica and Wave Festival.


Some selected accolades

Cannes Lions
BRONZE (Design): “Fiat Stilo Blackmotion - See Further” – Isobar for Fiat

One Show
MERIT AWARD: “Fiat Mio” – Isobar for Fiat

New York Festivals
FINALIST (Digital & Interactive): “Fiat Mio” - Isobar for Fiat

LATAM Winner (Best Use of Facebook Platforms): “Fail Texts” - Africa for Vivo

BRONZE SUN (Interactive Campaign): “Fiat Mio” - Isobar for Fiat

El Ojo de Iberoamerica
GOLD (Audiovisual): "UFCecê (UFSweat)" – Africa for Gillette Deodorant
GOLD (Interactive): “Real Map” – Isobar for Fiat
GOLD (Interactive): "Fiat Mio" – Isobar for Fiat
GOLD (Interactive): “Podium Grand Prix Petrobras” – Isobar for Petrobras
SILVER (PR): "Fiat Mio" – Isobar for Fiat

The Bees Awards San Francisco
GRAN PRIX (Best Use of Social Media Platform): “Fiat Mio” - Isobar for Fiat

Discovery Networks Festival of Media Awards
WINNER (Creativity & Innovation): “Fiat Mio” - Isobar for Fiat

Wave Festival
BRONZE: “See Further” – Isobar for Fiat

Clube de Criação (Brazilian Creative Club)
SILVER: "UFCÊCÊ" – Africa for Gillette Deodorant

Lusos Award
GRAND PRIX: "UFCECÊ" - Africa for Gillette Deodorant
BRONZE: "Annotations Excuses" - Africa for MPI
BRONZE: "This Goal is for You" - Africa for Vivo Telco

Cristal Festival
Sapphire (Silver): "UFCECÊ" - Africa for Gillette Deodorant

Finalist at 2011's Young Lions Brazil Competition





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